Crab or Shrimp stuffed tostones with Monterey Jack Cheese and Creole Sause

Dorado Mahi-Mahi nuggets

Corn Crusted Calamari with Garlic Sauce

Caribbean Buffalo Wings B.B.Q or Spicy with Blue Cheese Dressing

Beef, Cheese or Guava Pastelillos

Fried Cheese with Richie's Dipping Sauce


Cocktail with Calypso Sauce:





Richie's Sampler Platter with :

Calamary, Pastelillos , Yuca Balls , Bacalaitos , Mini Cordon Blue , Fried Cheese , Corn Rolls , Mozarella Sticks & Alcapurrias.


Chorizos with red wine and Cider

Chorizos Parillados Argentinos with Cheese

Homemade Puertorican Chicken Sause with Criolla Sauce

Escargots with Garlic Sauce